Photowalks. With the help of a friend and after more than a year that bought my camera, I finally figured out how to use the shutter speed and aperture on my camera. I’m a photographer now! Sort of. So I took my camera on a walk along the Bund and French Concession in Shanghai which was great fun.

Eli Falafel. Good Falafel, Chinese papercut decoration, arabian techno and moderate prices, what else could you ask for?
According to a poster in their store on Wulumuqi Lu they are the best middle eastern restaurant in Shanghai – which to be honest is an easy job because I cannot think of any other middle eastern restaurant here.

Ocean Eyes by Owl City. The song ‘Cave In’, the first one on the album, popped into my mind out of nowhere last week, and since then I listened to this album every single day. Listening to it is like time travelling back to my grade 9 self that tried to manage the fact that childhood was undeniably over and that I now had to deal with adult stuff like shaving my legs and getting a boyfriend.
However, most of the time I rather listened to a synthiepop album that a shy guy from Minnesota had produced in the basement of his parent’s house. Good times, good times… and even better they’re over.

Why The West Rules – For Now by Ian Morris
Well, the title tells you pretty exactly what this book is about. It’s great because it’s an overhaul of human history from humble cave dwelling to our possible future on earth as (wo)man-machine hybrids. It is very time- and braincell-consuming to read, but has a great feminist touch and makes historic patterns more comprehensible to me than five years of China Studies did.
But how, now that I am confronted with the Imperatives of history and the infinity of time, how can I continue pursuing my trivial, insignificant daily life?! Sigh.

Ashnikko. What a damn great artist! I saw her first in this documentary  (german) and phew, I wished my grade 9 self woud have seen something as empowering as her musicvideos. Also, feel the slight need to colour my hair blue. RIGHT NOW.

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out by Timothy Leary. This… Album? Audiobook? Spoken Manifest? I’m not entirely sure how to appropriately call this, but it is a great tune to listen to in stormnights, watching rain and lightning outside. Find it here on Spotify.


Corona. The Beer, of course. Who drinks that lousy shit?

Bacon Coconut Chips. Purchased in a moment of unattentiveness, and really, what the hell?! Free market has gone too far. This is disgusting.

Skillshare. I got myself the two months free trial, but figured after a few weeks, unless you’re trying to learn anything really really specific, YouTube has just the same amount of great tutorials about anything you might want to learn – photographing, writing, Design, Dancing, whatever.
And it’s free. Bling!

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