The Bund aka 外滩 [Wàitān] is a promenade along Huangpu river and the biggest tourist attraction of Shanghai. On the weekends, thousands of people flock down Nanjing East Road towards the waterfront with a great view of Shanghai’s skyline on the other riverside.

The impressive colonial buildings on the eastern side of Huangpu river grew out of British and American settlements in the late 19th century and are witnesses of Shanghai’s bumpy ride into modernity: from the luxury Heyday in the 20’s, where artists, musicians, revolutionaires and prostitutes filled the hotels along the riverside, on to the Japanese invasion and the turmoil during the Mao-era, the Bund today faces the financial district of Shanghai on the western riverside, which is illuminated by a spectacular light show every single evening.

However, the Bund stretches North and South for Kilometers, making it a perfect place for running, cycling or leisurely Sunday walks. Last weekend I brought my camera with me to the North bund, as this place has amazing views of the skyline, impressive modern architecture and sees way fewer people than the popular stretch in downtown. So here’s a small peek into a Sunday walk along the North Bund. Enjoy!

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