Crossing the Tajik-Chinese Border

Dear readers, brace yourselves. This is the story of how Crimson came back to China via the Tajik-Chinese border. It includes shocking details like a women’s hygiene product (unused), my mum’s worst nightmare (me in a truck with two male strangers) and my eating habits (maybe not that shocking after all). After all, my big […]

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Sary Mogul, Kyrgyzstan

Slowly, the mashrutka (a minibus, common public transport in Kyrgyzstan) winds its way up the mountain to around 3000m, and in every corner we take a plastic bag with watermelons dashes against my feet. A few hours ago we left Osh, Kyrgyzstan’s buzzing south hub, for a spectacular ride to Sary Mogul: a village of […]

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Hitchhiking for the first time

Location: KyrgyzstanRoute: Karakol – Bishkek Some 60km out of Karakol, me, Ruan, a south-african born Australian and Arno, and french-born French (sorry, i had to) sat on the open loading platform of a tow truck. Apart from our backpacks pushed together in the middle, there was absolutely no where to hold on to, and the […]

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Pamir Highway I – A Tico on its last ride

This is an unchronological chronology of my travels over the Pamir Highway, using public transport.First of all – Whatever the Lonely Planet or travel blogs might tell you about the importance of renting your own vehicle in Tajikistan, forget about it – I neither had the cash nor the motivation to look for a group […]

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Pamir Highway II – Van life, moon bases and old Soviet Hotels

Four merry days in Langar and Zonk passed by.I spent the time walking, climbing, reading, watching, listening, taking photos, and absorbing the Wakkhan with its lovely villages, high mountains, yellow fields and Afghanistan just a river’s width away. In the morning, idle donkeys trotted with immense bundles of hay tied to their backs from village […]

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Jagalchi Fischmarkt

Fisch. Alles riecht nach Fisch, Fisch ist überall, Fisch ist alles. Irgendwie bin ich auf den Fischmarkt in Busan gestolpert, eigentlich wollte ich ein paar Secondhandläden durchstöbern, aber darauf, was man eigentlich machen wollte, kann man sich beim Reisen ja selten verlassen. Die HändlerInnen der aufgehäuften Fische tragen alle dicke Gummistiefel, die ebenfalls zuhauf an […]

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