I saw the most German thing I have seen in three weeks:

A public television documentary on the price and quality differences of
two German discounters.
A YouTuber held up two Kiwis and informed me where they costed them
49cts and where 59cts although

– and her eyes grew wider –

 they are identical.

Corporations attacked each other in television adverts, satisfying their
Saturday afternoon audience
an appeal to every Germans consumer heart

Dark rings encircle my eyes.
What keeps me conscious are
buckets of Adrenaline poured out on me non-stop
my head tingles and my blood runs upwards my veins

I am in love, but I don’t know who I it is.
Sometimes I think it’s me.

My adrenaline level betrays me.
just like every consumer who is betrayed and then consumed by what they consume

Look inside me and you’ll see
I am still a teenager in the tight grip of their hormone balance and
a drug addict who never touched any forbidden substance

For the moment, I can look at everything from a birds perspective.

I’m still towering above the days and days and days that
– added up –
make up my life.

Soon, the evergreen processes that interlock and construct a day
– twentyfourhours –
will loop me into their cycle and churn me away with them.

And soon, I won’t know any longer who started turning the wheel:
was it me that created my habits or my habits that created me?

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