Lockdown Diaries #1

Throughout November, I (tried to) write a diary entry every day. It was kind of my personal NaNoWriMo, although I definitely never wrote 1500 words and got only 22 entries out of 30 days. I don’t even know what NaNoWriMo stands for.Anyways, I’m not going to upload all of them cause some are fairly boring, […]


The morning class

I just came back to Shanghai from two days in the wilderness – wait, well, not EXACTLY the wilderness, more like… Chongming Island. Chongming does feel like the wilderness though – people rise and sleep with the sun AND I had to walk 5km to the next supermarket, which fulfills two of the four attributes […]



I saw the most German thing I have seen in three weeks: A public television documentary on the price and quality differences oftwo German discounters.A YouTuber held up two Kiwis and informed me where they costed them49cts and where 59cts although – and her eyes grew wider –  they are identical.Corporations attacked each other in […]


Unter der Spitze des Eisbergs

Ok Kids. Body Positivity. Alles schon gelesen, alles schon gehört, wir haben doch kapiert, heute sind alle Körper schön und Magersucht ja so 2001. Nivea macht jetzt sogar Werbung mit dicken Körpern und Gilette mit unrasierten Beinen. We’re over it. Oder? Ja, das Schönheitsideal hat sich seit den 2000ern verändert: heute wird nicht mehr so […]


Cambodian Lessons

The Winter 2018/2019 in Shanghai was horrible. It rained for three months non-stop, the sky was grey from pollution and the air was freezing cold. So I decided to go somewhere with better weather and spent January and February in Cambodia. Cambodia is an amazingly beautiful place, and here’s what I learned there. I am […]


Sunday Walks

The Bund aka 外滩 [Wàitān] is a promenade along Huangpu river and the biggest tourist attraction of Shanghai. On the weekends, thousands of people flock down Nanjing East Road towards the waterfront with a great view of Shanghai’s skyline on the other riverside. The impressive colonial buildings on the eastern side of Huangpu river grew […]