Pamir Highway I – A Tico on its last ride

This is an unchronological chronology of my travels over the Pamir Highway, using public transport.First of all – Whatever the Lonely Planet or travel blogs might tell you about the importance of renting your own vehicle in Tajikistan, forget about it – I neither had the cash nor the motivation to look for a group […]


Sary Mogul, Kyrgyzstan

Slowly, the mashrutka (a minibus, common public transport in Kyrgyzstan) winds its way up the mountain to around 3000m, and in every corner we take a plastic bag with watermelons dashes against my feet. A few hours ago we left Osh, Kyrgyzstan’s buzzing south hub, for a spectacular ride to Sary Mogul: a village of […]


Hitchhiking for the first time

Location: KyrgyzstanRoute: Karakol – Bishkek Some 60km out of Karakol, me, Ruan, a south-african born Australian and Arno, and french-born French (sorry, i had to) sat on the open loading platform of a tow truck. Apart from our backpacks pushed together in the middle, there was absolutely no where to hold on to, and the […]


Crossing the Tajik-Chinese Border

Dear readers, brace yourselves. This is the story of how Crimson came back to China via the Tajik-Chinese border. It includes shocking details like a women’s hygiene product (unused), my mum’s worst nightmare (me in a truck with two male strangers) and my eating habits (maybe not that shocking after all). After all, my big […]