Hello! My name is Emily.
My Shanghai friends call me Crimson, and this Blog is my home in the vast land of the World Wide Web. Thus the name of this Blog.

So here are a few things that I think distinguish me from others:

– I’m am an early bird, but a late bloomer.

– I write my shopping lists on the back of my hands and avoid subways like the plague.

– I am the only person in Shanghai without a Mac, I think.

– a friend once said about me: ‘Crimson doesn’t organize events, events organize her.’ and I think that’s pretty accurate.

– I am pretty good at juggling and making sweet potato salad (not simultaneously yet).

– The only time I ever had to go to the hospital was because I had swallowed a screw.

– I like drawing ballpointpen smileys on my knees.

– If I knew magic, I would learn how to teleport myself to any place and I’d abolish national borders. No airplane emissions, no need to fill out visa applications – that’d be pretty cool, I think.

– I manage to scare myself to death at least once a week because I think I lost my passport (an unnecessary worry without national borders), my credit card or my bike.

– If I could choose just one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would be sweet potatoes. If could listen to just one song … ah, nah.
What a terrible imagination, having to listen to the same song for the rest of my days.

– K-Pop is my guilty pleasure.

– My childhood heroes taught me two things about life:
‘Unverhofft kommt oft’, (expect the unexpected), and
‘der Sinn des Lebens ist Abendbrot’ (the sense of life is dinner), and until today these two remain my favorite quotes.

– Apart from that, Adam Green once sang the following wise words: ‘not so many strawberries grow in the sea.’, and I can absolutely subscribe to that.

– If I could send a message to my 15-year-old self, I would tell her to care less about becoming thin and pretty and to please please stop listening to Enter Shikari.

– If I could send a message to my 30-year-old self, I’d ask her if Quater-life crisis is a real thing and whether China has sent a mission to Mars already.

So that’s me! I’ll leave the rest to yourself. Make yourself at home in the crimson casa, take off your shoes, take a seat and a beer from the fridge. I’ll be reading a book in the kitchen and hope you enjoy the crimson perspective.